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Expert reveals secrets on how to always win European handicap betting, making bettors pocket money

European handicap betting is not a new type of bet for bettors, but not many people have the habit of playing this type of bet. Therefore, when stepping into a new field, if you are not well-prepared, it is easy to encounter difficulties. This article will provide you with strategies for consistently winning European handicap bets.


Vietnamese fans are more familiar with Asian handicap betting than European handicap betting, so many people are not aware of the basics of this type of bet. In fact, in the world of "sports gambling," European handicap betting is one of the most common, lucrative, and widely participated forms of betting.

On the odds board, European handicap betting is represented as 1x2. In reality, when placing bets on 1x2, or European handicap betting, bettors do not need to consider the total number of goals, yellow and red cards, corner kicks in the match, or which team scores first or last. Instead, they need to determine which team wins the match or if the match ends in a draw. In essence, there are three outcomes: football win tips, draw, or lose, and bettors place their bets on one of these outcomes and then see if their choice was correct.

Finding a reliable method to analyze European handicap betting for accurate betting always requires players to have logical analysis skills, conduct research, and learn from the experience of expert bettors. Only then can they make accurate predictions about the match.


As mentioned, European handicap betting is represented on the odds board as 1x2. Below are the symbols you may encounter and how to interpret them.

  • FT 1×2: This symbol represents the result after the match has ended.

  • 1H 1×2: This symbol represents the result after the first half has ended.

  • Number 1: This symbol represents the home team.

  • Number 2: This symbol represents the away team.

  • Letter x: This symbol represents the draw option.

How to interpret European handicap betting:

European handicap betting accurately reflects the scoreline of the match. 1X2 means there are three choices, corresponding to one of the three possibilities of the match: Home team wins, draw, and away team wins.

Simply put, if a player bets on "1": If the home team wins, the bettor "pockets money" after the match. If the match ends with the away team winning or a draw, the bettor loses money. The same applies to the "x" and "2" options.


Pay a little attention and you'll notice that the winning odds of this type of bet are only 33%, as there are 3 options to choose from. This means the likelihood of winning this bet is lower. In return, bookmakers offer relatively attractive odds. Placing a bet on 1 can potentially double, triple, or even multiply your money several times. But as life goes, nothing comes easy; high odds mean you need to have a strategy for consistently winning European handicap bets, or else you'll lose faster than in Asian handicap betting.

My experience with European handicap betting is summarized through the following points:

a. Understand the situation of both teams in the match you intend to bet on.

This requires you to be well-informed about both teams, predict the starting lineup of both teams, understand the physical condition of the players, whether anyone is injured, who is in good or bad form, which player has a history with this team, etc.

b. Lean towards one outcome, in other words, "backing one side."

With this approach to European handicap betting, falling into bookmakers' traps is not uncommon. In reality, any team can go through periods of good or bad form, focusing more on one competition than another. Especially, this type of betting should not be driven by emotions.

Just look at Manchester United's inconsistent performance, or Arsenal and Liverpool struggling to win matches, you'll understand that any team can disappoint you. To successfully "back one side," you need to find teams with stable form, such as Manchester City, Bayer Leverkusen, or Real Madrid in the 2023/24 season. If someone has been loyal to these teams from the beginning of the season, they might have become millionaires by quality soccer tips.

c. Continuously update and monitor the betting odds.

Experience in European handicap betting shows that you can't just place a bet and wait for the result of the match to see if you've won. That's the approach of inexperienced gamblers.

Regularly update the betting odds and compare them with Asian handicap odds. Sometimes, sudden fluctuations in odds just before the match can have a significant impact on the match result. In such cases, you need to make rational decisions.

For example, in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City at the Bernabeu, midfielder Kevin De Bruyne unexpectedly suffered food poisoning and vomited. The Belgian midfielder was initially named in the starting lineup for Manchester City, but because of this food poisoning incident, he had to sit out the entire match. And in the second leg, although De Bruyne played, he was not as outstanding as usual. The result was that Manchester City didn't win either leg, despite last year they had beaten Real Madrid 5-1 over two legs. When an important player like De Bruyne is not in good physical condition, it's clear you shouldn't choose Manchester City.


Experience in European handicap betting indicates that if you're betting on Asian handicap, you should focus on analyzing the odds, the history of head-to-head matches, and the trends in handicap betting. Meanwhile, with European handicap betting, you'll need to pay close attention to the internal dynamics of the team you're betting on, gathering comprehensive information before making a decision to place a bet.

Strategies for consistently winning European handicap bets suggest that you should consider playing live bets to minimize risks. For example, if you notice that the team you've bet on is losing by one, two, or even three goals early in the match, it's advisable to change course because the likelihood of our chosen outcome winning is minimal. Wishing you all the best of luck! Read more: 1x2 soccer Tips: Accessing Insights from the Top 100 Websites Worldwide


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