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Grow anthuriums in a medium or bright window or under artificial lights to encourage the most blooms. Anthuriums are great foliage plants for low light, but they won't produce flowers. Water anthuriums enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet, and fertilize regularly in spring and summer with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer. (Follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging to know how much fertilizer to use and how often to apply it.)Anthuriums also appreciate warm temperatures; protect them from cold, drafty air. Like many tropical flowering houseplants, they need above-average humidity to do their best, making anthuriums excellent choices for bright kitchens or bathrooms.These flowering houseplants aren't particularly fussy about fertilizing; you can feed them once every six months or so at minimum. If you would like your anthurium to bloom more, you can fertilize regularly with any general-purpose houseplant fertilizer. Follow the fertilizer directions on how much to use.Note: Anthurium is not intended for human or animal consumption.

buy anthuriums online

Most anthuriums grow a small leaf from the last developed leaf. This new leaf expands rapidly over the next 7-21 days, depending on the amount of water/light/humidity. Anthuriums are generally easier to keep in place with lower light although this can result in much smaller leaves. Since they are tropical plants they are used to higher amounts of humidity (more than 60%). However, they can still grow decently in a more arid climate (40-60%). Anthuriums prefer irregular periods of watering and like to get a lower amount of water once in a while. Anthuriums with more round heart shaped leaves are easier to take care for and therefore more suitable for a beginning plant parent. The ones with more textured and elongated leaves require a higher level of care.

There are so many Anthurium varieties, so we would like to highlight the most popular ones. The varieties that you can also buy online. At we are fans of the velvety Anthuriums. The Anthurium Clarinervium is the velvety variety you will come across the most. This beauty is special because of its large, deep green heart-shaped leaves with a velvety structure. The finishing touch are the thick white veins that provide a beautiful mark on the leaf surface.

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Anthuriums are bold, long-lasting houseplants that make a great addition to any home. Besides their beauty, they are very easy to take care of. Although anthuriums are tropical plants, they can still thrive in cold temperatures with a little TLC. If you are planning on getting an anthurium, here are some benefits of keeping it in your home as well as winter care tips.

Not only are anthuriums beautiful, but they also purify the air. They have the ability to get rid of indoor air toxins and create clean air to breathe. If you are looking to purify the air in your home, the anthurium is the perfect plant for you!

Keeping your anthurium warm is very important during the winter season. Since anthuriums are tropical plants, it is crucial to keep your anthurium at room temperature, at least 55 degrees, but ideally 70 degrees or above. This will keep the leaves healthy and make your anthurium last even longer.

Overwatering is one of the biggest anthurium winter care mistakes. Anthuriums fare best when the soil dries out in between waterings. Overwatering your anthurium can cause the roots to rot, which will shorten the life of your anthurium. Six ice cubes a week will ensure your anthuriums get the perfect amount of water in the winter.

Buy Anthurium online in India at lowest price from Anthuriums are herbaceous epiphytes, native to tropical America.The Anthurium is also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower(Flemingo Lily) or Tail Flower.

Anthurium Flowers: Beauty and Elegance Delivered to Your DoorstepWhat are Anthurium Flowers?Anthurium flowers are one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers in the world. They are native to the tropical regions of South America, but have now become popular all over the world due to their unique beauty and elegance. Anthurium flowers are also known as the flamingo flower or the tailflower, due to their distinctive shape and vibrant colors.What Do Anthurium Flowers Symbolize?Anthurium flowers are known to symbolize hospitality, happiness, and abundance. They are the perfect gift for someone who has just moved into a new home or started a new business. They are also a popular choice for weddings and other special occasions, as they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.What are the Different Types of Anthurium Flowers?Anthurium flowers come in a variety of colors, including red, pink, orange, and white. They also come in different shapes and sizes, with some having a more elongated shape and others being more rounded. At iFloristDelhi, we offer a range of anthurium flowers to suit every occasion and taste.Why Choose iFloristDelhi for Anthurium Flower Delivery?At iFloristDelhi, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the freshest and most beautiful anthurium flowers. We source our flowers from the best growers and suppliers to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Our expert florists carefully arrange each flower to create stunning bouquets and arrangements that are sure to impress. We offer delivery in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram, making it easy and convenient to surprise your loved ones with a beautiful bouquet of anthurium flowers. Whether you're looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply want to brighten up someone's day, our anthurium flowers are the perfect choice.Order Your Anthurium Flowers TodayDon't wait to surprise your loved ones with the beauty and elegance of our anthurium flowers. Order online from iFloristDelhi today and experience the convenience and quality of our flower delivery service. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver the perfect bouquet of anthurium flowers to your doorstep.

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This popular online flower delivery specialist is also a very stylish option for potted houseplants, cacti, creative gifts, and more. Today they offer a wide variety of plant life for sale including anthuriums, fiddle leaf figs, monsteras, and pothos plants.

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The size of the Anthurium plant being shipping and your exact location will play a factor but expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $20 in delivery fees. Some online plant delivery specialists and garden centers will deliver for free should you exceed a minimum spend threshold (typically at least $75).

Common Names Anthurium, Tailflower, Flamingo flower and Laceleaf Scientific name: Anthurium andraeanum Watering: Less, once in two days or three days. Place to Keep: Indoor, in shade. Anthuriums are one of the most popular tropical flowers with a long vase life of about six weeks and even more depending on the variety and season. The red, heart-shaped flower of Anthuriums is really a spathe or a waxy, modified leaf flaring out from the base of a fleshy spike (spadix) where the tiny real flowers grow. The anthurium flowers appear as a roughness on the spadix as compared to a smooth spadix. Most common colors of anthuriums are red and shades of red. In Greek, the name Anthurium means tail flower. The plant's stem lengths may grow to a height of 15-20 inches depending on the size of the spathe, i.e., the bigger the spathe, the longer the stem. Its leaves are usually simple, large, attractively colored and borne on long stalks. The flowering stalk is slender, ending in a fleshy column crowded with many unisexual flowers. They have leafy bracts which may be white, yellow, red, pink, orange or green. Being popular foliage plants, Anthuriums are grown for their attractive flowering bracts which are popular with the cut flower trade. All parts of the anthurium plant, are poisonous. If ingested, may cause mild stomach disorders. The anthurium plant's sap can cause skin irritation. Growing Anthuriums Anthuriums can be grown by 4 methods. They are by vegetative reproduction, seeds, tissue culture, and fertilization. Anthuriums grow on a wide range of soil types ranging from sandy loams to heavy clays. Anthuriums need a highly organic soil with good water retention capability and good drainage. A well-drained soil is important to prevent the rotting of stems and roots. Anthuriums should be planted in raised beds of 1.3 to 2 meters wide and 20 cm deep. Anthuriums should not be planted more than 5 cm deep, as deep planting results in the rotting of stems and roots. Stake the anthurium after planting for support. Water the anthuriums immediately after planting. A layer of coconut husks, semi-rotted wood, or sugar cane bagasse may be used. Mulching is needed for the anthuriums plants. Anthurium plant roots grow into the mulch and spread. Anthuriums Plant Care Remove dead and unsightly foliage and faded or brown flowers. Use a peat moss base. Anthuriums need a high light but not direct sunlight. Water your anthurium thoroughly, but allow it to dry slightly between waterings. Do not over-water the anthuriums as it may cause root damage and yellowing of the leaves. Fertilize the anthurium plant about every other month. Avoid draughts and strong temperature fluctuations. In winter, anthurium plants need a 6 week rest period at a 15ÂC with little water. This allows the plant to flower profusely again in the following season. 041b061a72


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