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How to Play and Tips for Betting on Over/Under Throw-ins

Asian handicap betting is diverse and attractive with various bets such as level ball, half ball, and Over/Under. Over/Under throw-ins are a favorite among many for their simplicity and excitement. Let's explore how to play and the tips for betting on this type of bet with Win tips.

Simple and Easy-to-Understand Over/Under Throw-in Betting

What is Over/Under Throw-in Betting?

Over/Under throw-in betting is one of the bets in the Asian handicap category. Similar to Over/Under cards or Over/Under corners, players only need to bet on a ratio that the bookmaker has calculated and listed on the odds board.

In Over/Under throw-in betting, players need to predict the number of throw-ins that may occur in a match and place an Over bet if they predict a higher number than the bookmaker's and an Under bet for a lower number.

How to Play Over/Under Throw-in Betting

Over/Under throw-in betting includes smaller bets such as the first throw-in, first half, second half, and the whole match. Typically, Over/Under throw-ins for an entire half are calculated within the 90 minutes of play.

To bet more accurately, players should understand which throw-ins are considered valid:

When a player has the right to throw in but does it incorrectly and has to throw again, the incorrect throw is still counted, and the subsequent correct throw is considered valid.

Only throw-ins within the 90 minutes of regular play are counted; those during extra time or injury time are not.

The first throw-in in the throw-in handicap bet is counted for the entire match.

Players simply place a bet predicting whether the number of throw-ins will be higher or lower than the bookmaker websites number. The common scenarios are:

If the actual number of throw-ins is higher than the bookmaker's number, Over bets win and Under bets lose.

If the actual number of throw-ins is lower, Over bets lose and Under bets win.

If there are no throw-ins in the 90 minutes, it’s a push, and the bookmaker returns the bet, although this is a rare occurrence.

Additionally, the first throw-in bet is based on which team gets the first throw-in, ending the bet when the first throw-in occurs.

Tips for Betting on Over/Under Throw-ins

Despite the simplicity and ease of understanding Over/Under throw-in bets, they are a secondary bet and not easy to predict accurately. They often depend on the match's pace and real-time situations, making expert advice rare. Here are some tips from Wintips:

Monitor the Match Closely: This is essential to place accurate throw-in bets. Keep track of which team is at an advantage and which is struggling. Teams in a disadvantageous position may push forward, causing more throw-in situations.

Predict Based on Goals Scored: Matches with early goals tend to have more throw-ins. Use this to decide whether to bet Over or Under.

Low-Tension Matches: Games expected to end in a 0-0 draw usually have fewer throw-ins, suggesting an Under bet.

Stay Calm and Decisive: As a secondary bet, do not overemphasize throw-in bets. Consider them a way to recoup losses and play relaxed.

Analyze Player Substitutions: Consider the players starting or substituted in. Players who play near the sidelines may increase the number of throw-ins.

Follow the Odds Board: If the bookmaker adjusts the odds, use this information for better betting decisions.

Choose the Right Moment to Bet: Throw-in bets are offered at different times (first half, second half, whole match). Be patient and bet when you have the best prediction. Avoid last-minute changes as initial decisions often turn out better.

Analyze Team Strategies: Teams playing long balls often have more throw-ins due to more physical contests near the sidelines. Teams of equal strength or with short ball play styles tend to have fewer throw-ins.

Wintips shares these insights to help you understand and gain experience with Over/Under throw-in bets.

About Wintips

Wintips is one of Vietnam's leading reputable free bookmaker offers, offering a wide range of betting options for regional, international, and major football matches. With a professional and well-trained staff, Wintips provides valuable advice and support to players. Our modern information security system ensures that your personal data is fully protected when you bet on our website. Join Wintips for an exciting betting experience.


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