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Rogue Cold Brew Ipa Where To Buy !EXCLUSIVE!

There are a number of ways to make coffee beer, and each brewery will take its own approach. Some brewers add dry coffee grounds into the grain during the fermentation process, to create a complex infusion. Others add a small cup of cold brew coffee to a brewed beer after fermentation.

rogue cold brew ipa where to buy


The increase in specialty coffee roasters over the past decade has allowed home consumption to match the sophistication of the cafe experience in the same way that the rise of micro-breweries has led to a revolution in the types of beers we now enjoy. The complexity in flavors in both beverages allow for an almost endless tasting experience, whether you're waking up to a cup of joe or winding down with an ice-cold pint.

Not everyone loves a dark, heavy stout. When the sun's out, it's cold brew and IPA time for a lot of us, including coffee beer enthusiasts. A light-roasted coffee is perfect in an IPA where the fruity notes of coffee beans can pair well with a hopped-up hazy or citrus-forward beer.

If you're looking to brew a flavorful IPA, try making cold brew with this Sun Bear Iced Coffee Blend. Add 32 ounces just before bottling for a perfect summer pint! Bean Box Smooth & Bright Cold Brew makes an excellent pairing at this stage in the brewing process.

Stumptown Coffee and Rogue Ales, two of the essential names in the caffeinated and alcoholic beverage fields, respectively, are teaming up for a party at Chrome Yellow Trading Co. The brands are coming together at the Old Fourth Ward shop this Friday for the "first ever international cold brew throwdown."

Kevin Davey began his brewing career at Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen in Bellingham, WA in 2009 after attending the World Brewing Academy (Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doeman's Academy in Munich) where he became Lead Brewer. He left Chuckanut in 2012 to work as a wort-magician at Firestone Walker in Paso Robles in the middle of the desert. Since Kevin's such a delicate forest creature, he moved back to the Pacific NW to run the Gordon Biersch Brewpub in downtown Seattle. He was poached from there to set up and work as Master Brewer at Wayfinder Beer in the Portland SE Industrial District. Since Kevin was a gothy high-schooler in Tualatin in the 90's, he holds dual citizenship in Portland and Seattle.

Cold brew coffee is made by soaking grounds in cold water for 24 to 48 hours to produce a highly concentrated coffee liquid. Unlike hot brewing, the cold brew process slowly extracts the flavor from the ground coffee beans. The resulting coffee is smooth, with low-acidity, and without the bitterness hot coffee can have.

In 2015, Alaskan Brewing Company debuted the Heritage Coffee Brown Ale as part of its Pilot Series. Not only is the base of this coffee beer an often-forgotten style in conversations about coffee beer, the method by which brewer Tyler Lindquist adds the coffee is unique. He does so through the malting process. Alaskan worked with Juneau coffee roaster Heritage Coffee, where they roasted some of their pale malt with coffee right in the coffee roaster.

Cold Brew IPA is produced by Rogue using top-quality coffee, cold-brewed for 12 hours and double-filtered for a challenging brew. It also uses hops produced by Rogue Farms. 041b061a72


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