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Soniccouture ? Electro-Acoustic V1.3.0 (KONTAKT)

You also have a Pitch Shifter and Melody Generator, which make for a very versatile synth engine.In an ideal application, Electro-Acoustics synth engine will be used with any of Cubase V6s audio units and effects chain to create lush soundscapes. With that in mind, you could perhaps also include Electro-Acoustics mixer module to give you additional control over levels, pan and other sound effects.There is a lot of potential here and im sure this will grow and evolve with further releases. We are also working on additional modules with our FX programming team so there will be plenty of updates in the future. Right now, try the free demo and get stuck in!

Soniccouture – Electro-Acoustic v1.3.0 (KONTAKT)

Download File:

It is very unusual to find a user interface that is as intuitive as Soniccoutures Beat Tools. It is far too easy to loop, delay and modulate samples. Buttons to load multiple samples, shift through and modulate parameters are extremely accessible.

I am going to leave the Electro-Acoustic Kontakt sampler that imaged on the front cover of the package here. I am going to go back to the samples after I have written my review. I find the samples even better when I have heard them in the context that they were recorded in. Again, getting the library set up in Cubase is a breeze, but if you have mastered their Beat Tools, then you will find the experience of creating your own Electro-Acoustic beats equally as rewarding.

Anyway, Im getting a little ahead of myself. Electro-Acoustic is a Kontakt sampler containing 58 individual drum samples at a stunning 96kHz. The sound quality is fantastic, and is like a brand new kit that youve never heard before. I have now worked with every drum sample from the entire kit and found them all to be extraordinary.


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