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Kabali Tamil Movie Review and Download - How to Get 720p Kickass Movies for Free

6) did he really just get a super fighting power? : there are all sorts of unrealistic things going on in the film. one of the main things is that kabali gets super strength by drinking a mystic elixir which is just an excuse to show him as super. he also gets a super staff and he is so adept at using it, that he makes it seem like its his natural weapon. then there is the bit of explaining how he can take down tony in a single hit and just how he does it. this is how he takes down the entire gang in the police station. if you see the fight, kabali has 4 people on his hands and doesnt seem to even think twice about it. he simply takes them out in quick succession. now he is outsmarting the police, and has all of tonys empire on the run. he has every single one of his men on the run. they are at a police station. he just walks in. yet he has no problem dispatching 10-20 men in a matter of seconds. this is not how you would have expected a fight with a man who has shown the ability to take out a group of 20 men in seconds. the fight was so badly thought out, if i was in kabali, i would have been asking for a refund. this is the biggest of the many problems in the film, and i believe it is the problem which i already mentioned. there is no explanation why kabali is so much better than everyone else. why is he good enough to outsmart even the police. i mean, he has the ear of the entire police department. how does he do it? what is his plan? how did he get all the way to the police station without being stopped? is he in a state of being or is he actually stronger than the entire police force? what exactly is his plan?

Kabali Tamil Movie Kickass 720p Movies


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