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HOT! Eiosis E2DeEsser E2Transienter AirEq51 AU RTAS OSX INTEL

HOT! Eiosis E2DeEsser E2Transienter AirEq51 AU RTAS OSX INTEL

If you are looking for some of the best audio plugins for mixing and mastering, you might want to check out the products from Eiosis, a company founded by Fabrice Gabriel, a renowned audio engineer and software developer. Eiosis offers a range of plugins that are designed to enhance the quality and clarity of your sound, whether you are working with vocals, drums, or any other source. In this article, we will review three of their plugins: e2deesser, e2transienter, and AirEQ51.



The e2deesser is a plugin that aims to reduce or eliminate the unwanted sibilance (the hissing sound produced by the letters S, Z, SH, etc.) in vocal recordings. Sibilance can be annoying and distracting for the listeners, and can also cause problems in the mastering stage. The e2deesser is designed to be simple and effective, with only two main knobs: Sensitivity and Amount. The Sensitivity knob controls how much sibilance is detected by the plugin, while the Amount knob controls how much reduction is applied to the sibilant frequencies. The plugin also features a real-time display that shows the spectral analysis of the sibilants and the amount of reduction applied. The e2deesser can also be used on other sources that have sibilant issues, such as drum overheads or cymbals. The plugin comes with a variety of presets for different types of sources and situations.


The e2transienter is a plugin that allows you to shape the transients (the initial attack or peak of a sound) of any source. Transients are important for creating a sense of punch, clarity, and presence in your mix. The e2transienter lets you adjust the level and duration of the transients independently from the sustain (the rest of the sound). You can also apply different settings to different frequency bands, allowing you to fine-tune the transient shaping according to the source. For example, you can boost the transients of the low frequencies to add more weight and impact to your kick drum, or reduce the transients of the high frequencies to smooth out harsh cymbals or hi-hats. The plugin also features a real-time display that shows the waveform of the input and output signals, as well as the transient detection and processing.


AirEQ51 is a plugin that offers a unique approach to equalization. It is based on the concept of "musical EQ", which means that it adapts to the characteristics of the source and preserves its natural tone and balance. AirEQ51 has five main bands: Sub, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Air. Each band has a different curve shape and behavior, designed to enhance the musicality and emotion of your sound. For example, the Sub band adds depth and warmth to your low end, while the Air band adds brightness and sparkle to your high end. You can also adjust the Q (bandwidth) and Gain of each band, as well as activate a Solo mode to isolate each band for fine-tuning. AirEQ51 also features a Character knob that lets you choose between three modes: Water, Fire, and Neutral. Water mode adds more transparency and smoothness to your sound, Fire mode adds more color and energy to your sound, and Neutral mode preserves the original sound without adding any character.


Eiosis e2deesser, e2transienter, and AirEQ51 are three plugins that can help you improve your sound quality and creativity in mixing and mastering. They are easy to use, yet powerful and versatile. They are compatible with AU and RTAS formats on OSX INTEL platforms . You can download them from [Eiosis website] or from [this link]. They are hot products that you don't want to miss!


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