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**Why You Should Download Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) for Free Today**

Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64): A Reliable and Scalable Backup Software You Can Download for Free

If you are looking for a free and easy way to protect your data and system from disasters, you should consider downloading Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64), the latest version of the award-winning disk cloning and imaging solution for Windows.

Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64)

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Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) is a freeware that allows you to create full or incremental backups of your hard disk or partitions, and restore them in case of failure. You can also use it to clone your disk to a new one, or try new operating systems without risking your data.

Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) supports backup to local, network and USB drives, as well as burning to all DVD formats. It also supports Windows ReFS file system, which increases data availability, improves scalability, and maintains data integrity against corruption.

What's New in Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64)

Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) is the latest version of the software, released on January 12th, 2023. It comes with several new features and improvements that make it faster, more reliable and more user-friendly than ever before.

  • Instant Virtualization for Everyone: Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) offers Oracle VirtualBox as an alternative to Microsoft Hyper-V for instant image virtualization. This means you can run your backup image as a virtual machine without installing any additional software or hardware. You can also access your USB drives and flash memory sticks from inside the virtual machine.

  • Automatic Partition Resizing: Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) can automatically resize your partitions when you restore or clone them to a different size disk. This saves you time and hassle when upgrading your hard disk or migrating to a new system.

  • Removable Flash Media and exFAT Support: Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) can backup and restore SD cards and flash memory sticks using intelligent sector copy, Macrium Image Guardian and Changed Block Tracker technologies. This results in smaller file sizes, faster recovery, and removable flash media backup.

  • Improved UI and Dark Mode: Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) has a redesigned user interface that supports high DPI and dark mode, reducing eye strain and enhancing user experience. It also has a new restore and file-and-folder backup interface that makes it easier to select your backup sources and destinations.

  • Intra Daily Backups: Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) allows you to schedule high frequency backups to protect rapidly changing data at intervals of hours, not days. This ensures that you always have the most recent version of your data backed up.

How to Download Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) for Free

If you want to download Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) for free, you can do so from the official website of Macrium Software. You can also download it from other reputable sources such as FileHorse or TechSpot.

The download file size is about 175 MB, and the installation process is simple and straightforward. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen and accept the license agreement.

Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) is free for non-commercial home use only. If you want to use it for business purposes, you need to purchase a license from Macrium Software. They offer different plans and prices depending on your needs and preferences.


Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 (x64) is a powerful and versatile backup software that can help you protect your data and system from any disaster. It has many new features and improvements that make it faster, more reliable and more user-friendly than ever before.

You can download Macrium Reflect 8.0.5945 ad790ac5ba


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