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Final Fantasy IV - The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection a PSP compilation featuring Final Fantasy IV and its episodic sequel, The After Years. The collection also features an all-new episode set between the events of the original game and its sequel. This game allows players to start with either the Interlude portion, The After Years, or the original Final Fantasy IV story. The only exception is you must complete the first episode of The After Years to open the other episodes, which can be played in any order.

Final Fantasy IV - The Complete Collection

FINAL FANTASY IV: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION is the latest iteration of a beloved role-playing game originally released two decades ago. It contains the original game -- a huge story with a dozen playable characters -- reworked to feature improved graphics and music, as well as its 2009 sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which is set years after events of the first game and follows the stories of franchise's main characters and their descendants. There's also a short, brand-new episode dubbed "Interlude" that helps bridges the two games' tales. The end result is a sweeping and epic narrative that tells the complete story of several of the most memorable protagonists ever to appear on the medium's fantasy RPG stage.

The Complete Collection lives up to its name pretty well. It is, truly, a complete - or almost complete - collection of everything Final Fantasy IV. The problem is that it actually might be too much Final Fantasy IV - after 30-some hours with the original, will you really want to revisit the same areas and characters and music again in The Interlude and The After Years? Probably not.Final Fantasy IV is one of the true RPG greats, but it has to be remembered that it's been released on 6 different consoles now as well as Japanese mobile phones. Ultimately, in 2011, this is a high-resolution port of a 2005 Game Boy Advance port of a 1991 Super Nintendo game.Nothing's been done to change the little unfriendly, annoying foibles that the 91 release had here - though perhaps that is the right approach. This is an archaic, old-school game now. That's part of the charm, but for new users, or fans of Final Fantasy post VII who've never touched the old games before, this could come as a hell of a shock.The underlying game is great - one of the best - but if you've played Final Fantasy IV before this offers next to nothing new that's actually must-have. If you just need a version of Final Fantasy IV for your collection, though, this is a fine version to have - it's the original classic with a graphical and musical upgrade, the definitive translation and the brilliant-but-sometimes unfriendly gameplay largely untouched. In that sense, this a great package. 041b061a72


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