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To u.miss ma'am Martha trust me hunny we all know what those theft devices are there for. So I guess u think all thieves are low lives. Well news flash that very racist of u to say, cause I have been convicted once of shoplifting. But do you know why I did it, cause if I didn't my ex-husband would meet me at the door just so he could beat my ass . So not all of these so called thieves are bad people. So before you open ur dicksucker and speak ur opinions. Try keeping ur mouth shut because u sound like an idiot. I bet u don't like brown people or black people either do you. So those are my opinions and I guaranty that mine are right cause I am very intelligent even though you are a self absorbed persom who think that all criminals are bad. I bet u would be terrified to say anything if you seen a shooting. Oh yeah cause you would be to busy running until u got to safety and then you would talk about how bad the shooter was. News flash no one cares about your feelings. Same way now one cares about my feelings and opinions. Have a good day and I hope that u don't have to go through the pain of seeing another thief

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